A little local treat…

There are often times  when I’m so caught up in the daily grind of Sydney city living, that I forget to relax and take a breather. I find myself busily planning work trips and looking forward to discovering new places and sampling as many foodie things as possible while away from home – so it’s easy to forget what’s waiting for me on my door step. On my days off, my very own neighbourhood reminds me all too quickly that I don’t have to travel too far to experience sweet little wonders. What I love about my town is that the streets offer lovely places to stop for an afternoon coffee, pick up a bag of $2 apples, or succumb to that pastry that you’ve been eyeing out for a week.

Black Star Pastry Newtown

In a narrow little street, just off King Street in Sydney’s alternative Newtown is a wonderful little establishment named Black Star Pastry. I’ve only just discovered this gem over the Christmas break thanks to Faye Cahill so it would be wrong of me to tell you about all the wonderful things I’ve sampled there. I have been to Black Star Pastry three times now, and each of those times I have bought the same thing:

Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Cream

I’ve sampled my fair share of cake folks – that’s no lie. But never ever have I experienced anything like this. Completely gluten free, each delicately flavoured morsel of this cake reminds me of my special mother and the ingredients of her heritage. It all begins with the gentle nutty flavour of the almond dacquois, layered with a stunningly fresh rose cream,  fresh watermelon, finished to perfection with fresh berries, pistachios and rose petals. Reminiscent of many nights preparing Lebanese desserts with my mother in our family home.

One day I’ll get around to trying many more of the offerings available at Black Star, but until the day I’m sick of being reminded of my incredible mother, I might just stick to this heavenly discovery.

Though I think I’m ready for something chocolatey.
Chocolate reminds me of my mum too…

What are the flavours of your family heritage? Have you ever stumbled upon a sweet little reminder?



  • Jacqueline says:

    Looks amazing!!! I’ll be ready to try it in June!! x

  • I’ve heard of this place but have not yet been…it looks amazing and I’ll have to try it soon.

  • Rin says:

    Oh gosh! I can vouch for this… Delicious :)

  • Petra says:

    Thanks to your advice, I bought this delicous dessert you call a cake in the biggest size possible for my engagement… It was demolished!
    I must confess I was there earlier today picking up 3 pavlovas for a work morning tea. It took 20 mins to find parking and I got drench from the rain…. But is was worth it!

  • Jessica Bechara says:

    As very few may know, Project Sweet Stuff will be visiting New York in the coming days for some exciting opportunities. So I was put on a mission to find and finalise the ideal hotel today which would be in the city’s Midtown region and would be central to everything. Amidst a booked out schedule and a deadline of TODAY I though to myself that it wouldn’t be a problem and was pretty confident that I would find the right hotel within the budget that had been set. After reviewing a couple of different hotels I had narrowed down my list to 3 – all equally as good, with a 4-5 star rating, located within a block or two from each other, with the same $$ figure I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better deal out there somewhere….Now if you know me, you would know that I’m a sucker for savings and discounts.. in other words I never book anything until I know I have searched for a coupon code which will in turn give me a better rate … so naturally I searched my reliable sources for a code and to my surprise a coupon code for the Roosevelt hotel in Midtown popped up on my screen, the Roosevelt was number one on my hotel list followed by the Chandler and Hotel LOLA. I revealed the hidden code and I was faced with the most appropriate code for “Project Sweet Stuff” ….. Wanna guess what the code was?! …..the code was ‘SWEET’- Seriously! As I was weighing out the pros and cons for the other 2 hotels, debating on location, star rating and of course $$$ this ‘SWEET’ code sealed the deal… is this a sign or what!!!? I think so ….

  • Honor Chong says:

    Thanks for all the interesting posts. Reading about all the fabulous treats available in San Fran or Sydney makes me think of packing my bags………….. Cheers, Honor

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