Bouchon Bakery NYC – A Project Sweet Stuff Favourite


The first time I visited a Bouchon Bakery was a little over a year ago in Yountville California, right by the Napa wine region. I tell just about anyone who has asks, the bread and macarons at that particular bakery were among the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Recently while in New York City for work , I made it a point to stay in midtown. This ensured I would be in close walking distance to my favourite NYC Church St Patrick’s Cathedral, and also to Bouchon Bakery for the other daily bread I can’t seem to go a day without! More than cakes and sweet treats, and any other tempting baked goods, bread will always remain my ultimate weakness. Today I will be flying back over to California and I couldn’t be more excited! In light of my current travel itinerary, I thought I’d share my most recent Bouchon Bakery experience, in New York City… Yountville California, See you soon!

If I were a french bread stick, I’d want to live at Bouchon

Macarons in the making

A proud pastry chef… and why shouldn’t he be?

Drinks menu

I’ve always loved these simple little treats…Perfect with a cup of tea

The usual impressive array of pastry, cookies, pies, macarons and tarts

Immaculately arranged

Coffee, Macarons, in a canvas tote – the perfect gift!

Coffee, Bread, Rockefeller, Bouchon Bakery… people watching!

Fresh Bread with berry jam, a soy ‘no foam’ latte… breakfast of champions

Mr Festen, do you think we can squeeze in a bread making class at Baking Arts? Maybe?  :)

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  • Jennifer says:

    Bouchon Bakery is an amazing place. The French baettgue was perfect, the macarons (vanilla and caramel) were both melt-in-your-mouth delicious, the iced coffee was nice and strong, and the homemade butter and strawberry jam were both amazing. They were all so filling and sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. Bouchon Bakery just has to do a Groupon please???

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