Waikiki Unplanned – Part 1


Our first few days in Waikiki have been perfect. We planed nothing and did whatever came to mind first. It’s been a while since we’ve travelled this way, and I must say, it’s been awesome. A few days ago I shared a blog post about all the things I didn’t do in the lead up to my trip over here. One of them included not over planning. Whenever I’ve tried to cram too many things onto my travel list, I always end up disappointed when three or four things have to fall off the edge because of time constraints. This time, we’ve experienced a great mix of places we wanted to go back to and things we just happened to stumble upon.

Because the weather has been so warm and humid, I’ve foregone the usual soy flat white and replaced it with a daily iced coffee. Staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village means we have easy access to two Starbucks locations; not my first choice for my coffee fix as they use sweetened soy milk, but it really tastes great in the iced latte version- and with a little caramel drizzle on top, it hits the spot every time.

With our coffee in hand, Kevin and I have spent the first portion of each day by the super pool and on the beach directly in front of the Hilton. The morning hours seemed to pass by so slowly while laying on the sand where the waves gently fall. For the first time in my beaching career, I’ve spent more time in the water than on the sand.

We’ve spent our afternoons and evenings lunching and snacking on whatever feels right at the time. Here’s a snapshot…

Benihana at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. These salads are super simple but taste amazing with the ginger dressing that Benihana is known for.

Benihana’s fried rice with garlic butter and chicken. ??

Kevin’s pick at Benihana: Yakisoba noodles with chicken.

Walking in the rain at a food truck festival we stumbled on in the heart of Waikiki’s main drag

When tourists think the displays are samples…

Lala’s fried mac and cheese balls? Yes.

Topped with bbq sauce and creamy aoli…

So much yes.

So we didn’t eat this, bit a guy in the line behind us did. I asked if I could get a pic, but what I really wanted was a bite…

This was the truck that got Kevin’s attention…

…and this is the plate that got mine…

Kevin’s pick: beef short rib with rice and creamy macaroni salad

We shared this like good husbands and wives do

On another day, after a massive afternoon of walking, shopping and more walking, we chose to have dinner at a Hawaiian diner chain, Big City Diner…

Kevin devoured the big rack of pork ribs… and ate all but one…

I ordered a classic burger, and it came to me open and ready to top with the burger sauces of my dreams: ranch and real ketchup

So this place is open till 10pm, and I’m so glad we got there at 9:45pm on a Sunday night… no lines!

Leonard’s Malasadas. The most perfect donut in all of the land! These ones were cinnamon – they also come filled, and you could probably guess that pineapple option is a big one with the locals…

The ones I saved for breakfast. Not hot, but still incredibly fresh and fluffy, even the next morning.

Visit back again soon for the second instalment!

Kevin and Viola visit Hawaii as guests of  Hawaiian Airlines and The Hilton Hawaiian Village

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