A New Beginning


Last week, I made mention of that fact that I'd be sharing something new here on Project Sweet Stuff. So without trying to blow this out to be bigger than it needs to be, I'm just going to come out with it.

After months of planning, deliberation, doubt, excitement, fear, anticipation, and just about every other emotion known to womankind, I have made the decision to take on Project Sweet Stuff, full time.

With butterflies in my tummy, and a whole lot of hope in my heart, I'm gearing up to spend my weekdays on the quest for the best and freshest in food and travel, from my neighbourhood in Sydney, to cities and villages far beyond Australia's coastline.  I meant it when I said that Project Sweet Stuff is all about the journey into the heart of the sweet life. As a nearly 30 year old woman, I'm finally beginning to appreciate all the things that make my life that little bit sweeter.

I've had the odd comment suggesting that my move to freelance is very "brave"... it's ok! Just say "risky" because I know thats what was really meant. But thankfully for me, I have a little skill up my sleeve that involves making cakes. Even while editing a magazine, I still took cake orders. It was a way of forcing myself to step away from the laptop, and keep physically creating beautiful things. So, you guessed it - I'll still be making cakes! In fact, I'll be taking on a handful more each week. I'll also be working on some new projects with a few print and online publications, so no doubt, I'll have my hands full of chocolate buttercream and my mind full of editorial concepts!

I'm incredibly grateful for the support so far. It's because of a loyal readership and awesome response that I have been able to make this decision and take that sweet leap of faith. Regardless, if I fall, it will only be into a giant pitt of warm chocolate ganache. Can't be that bad, hey?

Thank you. V