A postcard from California!

Greetings from the land of soy milk and organic honey! I'm back in the Mission, except this time with the wonderful Mav, who is both my friend and coworker. The first few days of our trip began in Los Angeles, where we were able to soak in the sun and relax before hitting the road to teach 'The Wedding Cake Class' at Baking Arts San Francisco. Today we spent time with Richard Festen at the school preparing for the class of nine we'll soon get to meet. It's just so exciting to be teaching over here and I am just thrilled to get to work with Mav, Richard, and Jacqueline.

Sending loads of California cake love!

And of course, wish you were here,


P.S- the pics below were taken at Los Angeles bakeries. Mav at Magnolia, and myself at Sweet Lady Jane. Can't wait to write about these places!