Al-Ameen Bakery Granville



Growing up in Sydney's west guaranteed two things for me;

1. I would have to deal with stereotypes about a gang affiliated upbringing for the rest of my life

2. Easy access to the best comfort foods of my motherland

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about cold pizza for breakfast. For some reason, I have never been able to understand the idea of recycling last night's pizza and eating it cold, straight out of the box for breakfast the next morning. (I mean, at least heat it up!) Naturally, our conversation turned into an argument about whether or not cold pizza for breakfast is one of the best comfort foods. While I'm not a fan of cold pizza for breakfast, one of my (many) guilty breakfast pleasures is the humble Lebanese pizza, Manoush.

Growing up in Sydney’s west, we were very spoilt for choice when it came to Middle Eastern grocers and bakeries. In fact, there was a bakery within a 5 minute drive of my parent’s house, and 2 within walking distance of my high school. A traditional breakfast staple zaatar, a sesame, sumac and oregano blend, baked to flat bread perfection is typically served with labne and fresh cut cucumber and tomato. Then there’s the meat and cheese varieties, also served with cold cut veggies but incredibly delicious on their own.

Al Ameen Bakery on Wellington Road Granville is my mum’s go-to manoush bakery, and has been for the past couple of years. A few weeks ago while prepping for my sister’s bridal shower, we picked up the usual order to feed the busy women who had been rolling vine leaves and chopping parsley for hours. I had been to Al Ameen before, but this time, mum came in with me and told me that it’s one of the best in her neighbourhood. The storeowner who served us was polite and welcoming, and in true Lebanese fashion greeted my mum as though she was his Aunt. I was so surprised to see the price point for the oregano had not changed in years. Still $1.20 a pop.

My weakness? The cheese pizza.

Al Ameen make one of the best Lebanese cheese pizzas I’ve ever tried. Incredibly delicious and very inexpensive, this $4 wonder is a cheese lovers dream… savoury, buttery, hot and every bit indulgent. Growing up, this was our version of a cheese toastie for breakfast. Now, as nearly 30 year old Marrickville dweller, given the choice between this and a trendy cafe brunch, I'd choose this pizza in an Auburn heartbeat.






Visit Al Ameen Bakery 25/46 Wellington Rd South Granville NSW Open early every morning, but call ahead if in doubt: 9632 4444