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There are many things I am not. While I can appreciate impeccable workmanship, I am not obsessed with expensive shoes, I don't collect bags I can't afford, and while I do love to travel, my most precious souvenir is the memory of a good coffee and amazing pastry. But there is one thing I can definitely come clean on, and I can do so shamelessly: I'm a self confessed spa addict. I love facials and body wraps, and I go for a massage on a regular basis (at very least once a month). When I travel to big cities, I have two strict prerequisites when it comes to booking hotels; as well as a gym, there needs to be a spa on site, or within reasonable walking distance. No shame. Zero.

Last weekend, one of my closest friends celebrated her 30th birthday. While there were other plans in place to welcome her to the 30's club, her boyfriend made some pretty romantic arrangements. At noon on a Saturday, I was picked up by a personal driver, who proceeded to pick up my best friend's sister. We were ushered to the Hilton Sydney where we surprised the unsuspecting birthday girl. After settling into robes and slippers, we tied our hair in high top knots and spent the next 3 and a half hours being pampered by the team at Alysium - the hotel spa.

I prepared a dark chocolate cherry ripe cake especially for the occasion (birthday girl loves fresh berries) and the lovely spa manager at Alysium prepared wine, cheese, and what seemed like a bottomless pot of tea that sat over a burning candle to it keep warm. Genius.

In our robes, we grazed on cheeses and sweets in the spa sitting area - a small space that was a cosy and calm fit for the 3 of us. After our edible indulgence, we ventured out to the hotel pool and sauna where we limbered up for an afternoon of massage and aromatherapy. We were treated to a stunning 2 hour session called Beauty Flash. This treatment included a 60min power facial, 30min back-neck-shoulder massage and a 30min de-stress foot treatment. My only problem with the treatment was the fact that it was called Beauty Flash, because nothing about it felt quick or rushed. During the entire experience, I floated in and out of a gentle sleep, and upon finishing, I felt exactly what I had hoped to feel after a chaotic week; relaxed.

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