An Urban Oasis - Poho Flowers Potts Point

IMG_0403When I first sat down to write this post, I opened with a sentence that was doomed to go down the road of typical fluffy one-liners about how lovely it is to give and receive flowers. About how flowers are for all occasions, happy and sad, celebratory and memorable. (And now I know why I deleted it and started again.)

I used to pretend that I didn’t care very much for flowers. I always appreciated the sentiment if I was to receive them, but I was never blown away upon delivery. The reason why I was hard to impress in the floral arena is because my mum is one of the best florists I’ve ever known. So a house full of seasonal, well thought out, meticulously arranged bursts of colour and texture was a norm in our household. I definitely took it for granted.

In recent years, particularly since my wedding day in 2009, my love and appreciation of floral art has multiplied and I often find myself wandering through florists doing exactly what my mum used to do. Browse for far too long.

While taking the Urban Oasis tour of Potts Point, we were introduced to Barnaby, the lovely owner of Poho Flowers. Barnaby welcomed the tour group into the cosy Potts Point boutique, and shared a little about his establishment and how it connects with the Potts Point community. The work of Poho is not average, mundane or haphazardly thrown together. Everything about Poho echoed much the same of what floristry boutiques of Manhattan and Paris do; living visual art, passionately crafted for interiors and special events. With a gorgeous array of ruffly and bright, pastel and smooth, the walls of Poho are lined with vibrant fresh cuts of the season, and the scent of flowers gently pours out into the concrete playground.

Visit Poho Flowers Shop 2, 117 Macleay Street Potts Point NSW 2011 02 9331 4333

Viola of Project Sweet Stuff experienced the Potts Point Urban Oasis Tour and Poho Flowers as a guest of City of Sydney