Armory Wharf Cafe


Rambo. Universal Soldiers. The Rock. Some of my all time favourite childhood movies. If it was an action or military based plot, I was onto it. And so it was here my fixation on becoming the next G.I. Jane began. I had it all set out in my mind. I was going to join the Australian Defence Force and there was nothing anyone could do or say that could stop me.

Except for when you have Middle Eastern parents who fled the military in search of a peaceful democratic life, and give you three options for your adulthood - university, college or university. Don't get me wrong, while I appreciate the fact that my parents raised me in the best country in the world, sometimes I find myself imagining an alternate reality where I'm dragging myself through mud and jumping out of helicopters onto naval bases.

In other news, last weekend I joined some friends for breakfast at Armory Wharf Cafe, about 25 minutes outside of Sydney City in Newington. As I approached the hill that the cafe sits behind, my heart opened up to what felt like my childhood military dream. The closer I walked towards the cafe, the more excited I became. The army net and rustic structure instantly drew me in, only to later find out that during the 1940's, the area was used as an inspection and testing site for explosives. I knew it attracted me for a reason. But it must be said, the interior would probably upset those of us who are colour thirsty.

Despite the grey canteen setting, the food was bright and presented beautifully. With non-pretentious and still well thought out dishes on the menu, this could be the perfect destination for Sydney's young mums and dads who are tired of pushing strollers into cramped cafes and made to feel like a nuisance for dining with children. With ample space, plenty of high chairs and even plastic cutlery for the wee ones, it might be well worth a trip if you are interested in a scrumptious brunch and an awesome outdoor obstacle course for kids. Check out the outdoor playground just outside the cafe, Blaxland Riverside Park Playground.


Huevos Ranchos - lightly fried corn tortilla's topped with a tomato chilli sauce, Mexican style refried beans, sliced jalapeños and topped with 2 poached eggs and finely diced avocado.  Served in the pan. $15.50


Leek, spinach and feta omelette served in the pan with mutli grain sour dough toast $15.50


Moey's Mediterranean Ricotta Hot Cakes served with pistachio, rosewater and berry compote, topped with sweetened ricotta $13.00

Armory Wharfe Cafe Blaxland Riverside Park Jamieson Street, Newington NSW Australia