Art Month Sydney 2014


ECLIPSE med Isaac Julien

Under the theme ‘intersections and parallels’, Art Month Sydney 2014 embraces the blending of boundaries between art and design, art and fashion, art and architecture, promising experiences to engage both first-time gallery visitors and seasoned art collectors. Art Month Sydney is kicking off on Saturday the 1st March and runs through to Friday the 23rd March.

This three-week festival celebrating contemporary art boasts an impressive program incorporating a world-class line-up of Australian and international artists and hundreds of art inspired events across Sydney. Discover art tours across Sydney by day or night, from east to west, and see inside gallery stockrooms, artist studios and meet the people making contemporary art in suburbs around this city throughout March.

For those of us who need a vibrant boost of inspiration, here are some highlights that will get your creative juices flowing:

Collector’s Space - an urban space filled with museum quality artworks never seen together in public before. Intersections between contemporary art and architecture - leading Sydney designers discuss the blurring between the two worlds. Art on the Runway - high profile Sydney fashion and design identities explore how art and fashion fit together. Street Art - discover how the lines are blurring between graffiti and gallery art today. Cinema Dreams - quirky screen classics are curated by local artists. Art Cycle - discover Sydney’s art neighbourhoods by bike. Design Art Lovers - high profile Sydney designers share five artworks that they had to have - or wish they could - and describe how key artists have inspired their work. My first time- how and where to start an art collection for any price range.

If you live in Sydney or happen to be visiting during this time, I highly recommend clicking through to for more information and a detailed look at more talks, tours and exhibitions.

Chris Uphues.01 M Contemporary