Bar Valente Dulwich Hill


RESIZED HANDM (10 of 10)It's been a little under 5 years since I moved to Marrickville, and while I know I am very spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee, there's one Kevin and I can definitely call our favourite. Bar Valente on Marrickville Road in Dulwich Hill is our pick for the express soy flat while and cappuccino, and here's why:

I tried at least 6 cafes on the Dulwich Hill end of Marrickville Road before giving Bar Valente a shot. I gotta say, it's easy to miss, as the entrance to the cafe is very small, and may come across as a bit of a 'hole in the wall' type spot. Plus, it's right next door to another cafe so it's easy to get it confused. The first time I actually noticed this small unassuming coffee spot, was that cold Friday morning when I saw a line going out the door. I had a little time up my sleeve so I decided to get in line and order my coffee.

The wait was short, and the coffee was excellent. So I decided quick smart that I'd be back. I remember the first time Kevin stopped in with me on a Sunday Morning after the gym, and he too agreed that it's the best drop in the neighbourhood.

It's easy to miss, so you need to look out for that black and while sign under the window. But if you're ever passing through and you're in need of a quick sip... let me know. I'll more than likely be craving one too.


Visit Bar Valente 471 Marrickville Road Dulwich Hill NSW