Bay Ten Espresso



I’ve always wanted to live in a converted warehouse with impossibly high ceilings, raw brick walls, with enough room and cozy spaces to go from tea party to house party in seconds. I often get lost in the dream of having my morning coffee over a weathered wooden table top positioned under gentle stream of diffused morning light.

Reality check.

Considering the cost of living in Sydney, I’ve resorted to spending hours in cafes that look like my future home. I was recently invited to check out the newly opened Bay Ten Espresso on the north side of Sydney city. It was described to me as a converted warehouse with an industrial fit out that features raw, honest and recycled materials. That was all I needed to jump on a train and head over to check it out.

Bay Ten Espresso is located beneath the northern train line in the heritage warehouses on Middlemiss Street in Lavender Bay. Barista and owner Nathan Devlin shares the warehouse with The Body Mechanic, a specialist bike fit, gait analysis and physio outfit run by a collective of elite athletes. The first thing I noticed upon walking in was the recycled shipping container, remodelled to serve as the working hub of the espresso bar. Everything about the space made my eyes bounce from one feature to the next - from the brightly coloured cushions to the earthy wooden fixtures; a comfortable balance between living colour and industrial grey.

The best thing about my visit was that I got to catch up with my lovely friend Chloe, who like me, enjoys a killer good coffee and has no problem splitting sandwiches. We ordered the chicken and the vego. This is the type of lunch that just works when you need a little grounding. Simple, real, honest to goodness food. Although I'm a soy cap kinda girl, I was captured by the different coffee offerings displayed and stationed in different parts of the space. As well as traditional espresso offerings, Bay Ten also serves up cold drip, pour over and cold brew using Devlin’s own custom blend roasted to his specifications by White Horse Coffee.

Perhaps on my next visit, I'll venture away from the regular coffee order and try something different... or I could always have both?















Visit Bay Ten Espresso Hours: Monday to Friday, 7.00am – 3.00pm Located at Bay Ten, Middlemiss Street, Lavender Bay Like Bay Ten on Facebook