Behind the Scenes at Faye Cahill Cake Design



As promised in yesterday's post, we now introduce you to the girls that help bring the magic of a Faye Cahill design to life! Erin, Rebecca and Jade form part of a behind the scenes ganaching, piping, stencilling and striping super group of sorts. Kind of like, truffle-eating, wunderlusting and coffee-drinking decorator elves.

Except, human size.

Okay, so, not really elves at all.

Meet Erin


Hometown Auckland, New Zealand Loves Anything containing truffle/truffle oil, coffee and red wine. Hates Photos, salmon and avocado. *

Meet Rebecca


Hometown Brooklyn, New York Favourite Sydney Eats Yum cha What I miss from New York Any food I want, any time of day, delivered. *

Meet Jade


Hometown Sutherland Shire Loves Food, exercise, hanging with friends, church, cake decorating This time in 10 years I'll be... Hopefully be married with kids and have a booming cake business of my own * A94P3725

Tell us about your roles at Faye Cahill Cake Design Erin: I am a full time cake decorator and have been working for Faye for about 5 months now. A standard week includes ganaching, covering and finishing cakes.

Rebecca: Production assistant and administrative assistant. Everything from the first inquiry from a client through to the finishing touches on a cake.

Jade: I am an intern at Faye's at the moment. Basically, I do a little bit of everything - such as ganaching cakes, making ganache, making sugar flowers and decorating some of the cakes as well!

What do you love most about your job? Erin: I love the creativity. For example clients will sometimes provide a sample of lace from their dress or an invitation and then it is up to us to interpret it.

Rebecca: Seeing all the cakes come together at the end of the week. Working in my two most compatible fields of food & art.

Jade: Seeing the final product come together! Whether that be a whole cake or just some sugar flowers... It's so rewarding!

What is the most challenging aspect of your role? Erin: Not eating all the delicious cake!! I never get sick of it!

Rebecca: Not being a perfectionist when everyone else is. Jade: I think getting up to the correct speed is the most difficult aspect for me; making sure I am able to get things done in the time frame I have.

What is your fave design to work on? Erin: I really enjoy working on the custom lace designs, using a mixture of appliqué, piping and beading. With Faye's amazing design and eye for detail they always come together beautifully.

Rebecca: Pretty florals with lots of different blooms on understated cakes. Jade: I quite enjoy anything with ruffles, stripes or stencilling. They're all quite simple, yet so pretty and effective!

It's a busy Friday afternoon after a long week, what do you need to get a boost and get energised? Erin: A piccolo and some of Lauren's delicious home baked goodies. It's pretty much a Friday tradition now!

Rebecca: I'm pretty competitive with myself so just watching the clock gets me going. I love finishing everything right on time!

Jade: A couple of things that always helps me through the afternoon slump is a coffee and a bowl full of sweet potato fries!

What food are you loving right now? Erin: I love all food! But if I had to choose one, at the moment I am all about Turkish food. Baba ganoush, ladies fingers, baklava, moorish chicken, makes my heart sing!!

Rebecca: My partner makes the best pumpkin cashew cheese ravioli in the whole world. Jade: Vegetables! I cannot get enough vegetables!!

And what about blog love? Erin: Project Sweet Stuff of course! Also following TheJugernauts eat there way around the inner west.

Rebecca: I always check in on veganyumyum, veggienumnum, smittenkitchen and postpunkkitchen. Mostly for vegan cooking and baking.

Jade: I'm really into health and fitness, and I have come across a girl on Instagram who regularly updates her blog; Basically she gives advice on overall health and well being, as well as healthy recipes and various workouts!

You're booking a holiday tomorrow, tell us where are you going and what are you bringing back? Erin: I would be on my way to America!! I would be bringing back a tonne of great food memories, all the MAC makeup I can get my hands on and a hoard of Harry Potter souvenirs from the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando.

Rebecca: Epic world-wide non-stop adventure, nothing will be left unexplored. Bringing back lots and lots of memories.

Jade: Los Angeles! I'd be bringing back a delicious burger from In 'n Out! (If only it would last that long!)




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Photography by Shayben Moussa @shaybenmoussa instagram
 Makeup  by Stephanie Nasr @stephanienasr_mua instagram