Black Toast Annandale



The last week ahead of a big overseas trip is usually madness for me. It’s mostly a big mash up of packing, confirming itineraries, meetings, and making sure the house is in order before I jet off. One thing that I have made a point to focus on this time around is catching up with my friends, properly. *Catching up excludes Facebook and Whatsapp conversations.*

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Sydney based blogger Effie of Effie See White. With much talk of a second date after our first one was a raging success, we finally had the chance to catch up for breakfast in Effie’s neighbourhood. Black Toast in Annandale is the perfect spot for that midweek catch up. Effie ordered poached eggs with avocado, mushrooms and spinach, and I had poached eggs on toast – sensible mid week ordering at its best. Golden sunlight poured into the large open space where we had our breakfast – it’s nice to be indoors, without having to miss out on the warmth of the winter sun.

The morning passed by and before I knew it, Effie was wishing me bon voyage. I’m so glad I caught up with her; without even knowing it, Effie’s pure and positive energy brought me back down to earth after what has been a crazy month.

 I’m already planning the 3rd date.

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IMG_0429 Visit Black Toast Annandale 43 Booth St Annandale NSW