Blushing Blooms


I’ve been known to spend far too long in Target. There is something about the cushions, vases and homeware trinkets that instantly make me want to redecorate my entire home.

Last Christmas, Target Australia sponsored a PSS gathering for Christmas. I picked up a gorgeous set of four vases that are now a permanent fixture on my dining table. With all the Valentine’s Day posts this week I decided to hold onto some of the props we used and make myself a small blushing arrangement of pink roses. I thought I would share it as a little Valentines Day DIY inspiration. Whether you are buying flowers for yourself or decorating your dinner table for this Friday night.

I left the stems on the darker roses a little longer and shortened the stems of the pale pink roses to create a little bit of hierarchy. This set of 4 vases makes arranging super easy so I didn’t have to try too hard to achieve the look I wanted.

My only problem now, is that I’m in denial because the roses are starting to look a little less than fresh. But that's still rustic, right?