Bread & Wine


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Bread and wine. Since way way back than the Wedding at Cana (and not forgetting The Last Supper) it’s been no secret that the two are a match made in heaven!  Whether you are a first time winemaker or an old hand at kneading, one thing is for certain; you need yeast to make both bread and wine.

One of Sydney's most popular bakeries (and PSS favourite) Bourke Street Bakery and popular winemaker Alex Retief have joined forces to create Potts Point’s only micro-winery. In May 2013, the pair transplanted half a tonne of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Tertini Wines in the Southern Highlands to the floor of the Bourke Street Bakery in Potts Point where it has spent the last few months fermenting.

This location has proved itself to be the perfect spot for wine production, with the wild yeast spores from the bakery's air allowing for natural fermentation.

So here’s a little background for the not so winey folk…

Up until now, Australian wineries have tended to focus more on cleanliness and often add yeast rather than rely on wild yeast, but that's slowly changing. Lately, winemakers are going au natural, adding nothing else to the wine, just simply letting it do it's own thing. Normally things like sulphur might be added to help it preserve longer, and usually wine is filtered to take away the cloudy look. What this means to the everyday Australian wine enthusiast: less of a hangover.

We’re excited to hear the wine will be bottled today!  Kicking off with an event at the Potts Point Bourke Street Bakery location, tonight’s 6pm event is open to the public at $60pp and includes the delicious baked bites you can expect from this baking powerhouse. The wine will be available to the public very shortly after through Alex's website and cellar doors. We’re looking forward to the launch tonight and can’t wait to share the news tomorrow!



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