Brunch at Norma's - Le Parker Meridian New York City


Last Autumn, my father Sydney, brother George, sister Jess, and husband Kevin flew over to Pittsburgh to celebrate the wedding of my awesome cousin Danny and his gorgeous wife, Jourdy. The proposal story of this lovely couple involves New York City, Central Park, and a covert surveillance style photographer hiding in the shrubs taking photos of Danny as he dropped to one knee - paparazzi perfect! When it was time to leave the burgh at the conclusion of the wedding festivities, I let Danny and Jourdy know that I'd be back within a few months for work, so we said we'd make the effort to meet somewhere for a weekend. Fast forward 2012... New York City.

Jourdy and I have something (very important) in common, and that is, our love of dessert. We also share a deep appreciation for all things brunch. So when planning where we would meet, I left it in Jourdy's capable hands. I met my cousins at Le Parker Meridian. Inside this ultra modern hotel is a well known upscale, but still very quirky brunch spot called Normas. Luckily we had a reservation, because the line up was insane... so it had to be good, right? Here's a little message direct from Norma's webpage:

Breakfast for lunch? Always. Will I still be hungry? You gotta be kidding. Do we like kids? More than whipped cream. Dinner? Get outta here. When can I eat there? Every day until 3. Telephone? We've got one. . . 212.708.7460.

I was genuinely blown away by this decadent and full bodied menu (or big boned - you decide). The menu was on the pricier side of NY brunch offerings though the dishes on offer were unpretentious, playful and plentiful, not to mention creative and tempting! The weekend menu is split into a few good sections: Mom Can't Make This, Crepes With Style, This Should Do It, Eggs Cellent, Benny Sent Me, and The One That Didn't Get Away. Just be certain to check the price when ordering the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata - served with one ounce of caviar for $100, or ten ounces for $1000. I guess you can't miss it though, printed in orange, with a cute side note that reads 'Norma Dares You to Expense This'. For all brunch lovers spending time in New York City, Norma's is simply not to be missed.

Have a look at what was being ordered around me...

When was the strangest time you craved a good brunch?