Christmas Desserts with Baileys

Christmas in Australia has always been incredibly confusing when it comes to the ‘bakers tradition’… cookies, hot apple pies and rich puddings are all great for that postcard snowy Christmas, but when it’s 45 degrees in your Aussie backyard, there is no shame in keeping the oven off for Christmas Eve dinner. Over the past few years, I’ve had the responsibility of bringing dessert to our annual Christmas celebration at mum and dad’s. While sticky date pudding is always high on the request list, this year I’ve decided to keep it simple, cool, and delicious. Normally my focus is creating something for my nieces and nephews, who always fall asleep before dessert anyway. This year, I’m looking after the big kids too with some adults only desserts.

There are some things that just make culinary sense; pastry and cream, coffee and liqueur, custard and chocolate. That was the inspiration behind these three desserts I created with Baileys luxurious range of creams and custards.

The Baileys desserts range can be used as a topping or in a recipe. Each one of these desserts was created using a store bought base, Bailey’s cream or custard, and simple toppings like shaved chocolate, toasted nuts and seasonal berries. Requiring less than 20 minutes each, these recipes look the festive part and tasted incredible as well. The best part about these easy crowd pleasers is the zero oven time.

The Baileys desserts range includes both Cream and Custard that have been used to make the desserts in the post, as well as Baileys Ice Creams in 500ml tubs and petite sticks. The Cream and Custard range is limited edition so it’s perfect for holiday entertaining.

Baileys Cream Holiday Pavlova

Start with one store bought pavlova base. (Coles have a wonderful festive pavlova wreath available as pictured here)

Top with 2x 200ml tubs of Baileys Cream and sprinkle with festive berries and a shave of your favourite chocolate.

Keep refrigerated until its time for dessert, or enjoy right away!


Baileys Cream Rich Tiramisu Start with one large platter as your base.

Prepare 900mls of black coffee. Using espresso, add 6 shorts of coffee to a bowl of 900mls chilled water. Using instant coffee, dissolve 4 table spoons in 200mls boiling water, then add to 700mls chilled water.

Using Italian Savoiardi Biscuits, dip each biscuit into the chilled coffee mixture and place on the platter.

Layer generously with Baileys Cream. I used 2x 200ml tubs.

Continue until you have built up 3 layers of tiramisu. In the dessert pictured here, my platter fit 7 biscuits across its length, making one pack of Savoiardi more than enough to create this dessert.

Top with shaved white chocolate and dark chocolate for extra yum.

Chill in the refrigerator.


Baileys Custard and Hazelnut Tarts Start with one packet of store bough sweet pastry shells

Dollop one spoon of Baileys Custard into each shell, but try not to overfill.

Gently add half a teaspoon of hazelnut spread to each pastry shell.

Top with toasted hazelnuts and shaved chocolate (I used 8 hazelnuts for all pastry shells pictured)

Refrigerate and enjoy as a dessert canapé.


It really is that simple.


This post was sponsored by Baileys