Christmas giving - A call out for your support...


My sister Claire is bat shit crazy. Shes generous, hard working and always looking for someone she can help. She's that person who somehow creates extra hours in the day because having a full time job, being married, and raising two kickboxers/singers/saxophonists/ pianists, while taking daily walks on the beach simply isn't enough.

This Christmas is no exception for this chick. She's flown to Sydney from Perth and is planning to deliver something special to a family who need a little Christmas joy this season. Claire has made the decision to keep the family out of the limelight to protect their privacy. (If you would like to see proof of Claire's works in the past, click here)

We are looking for anyone who is able to donate anything that will take some pressure off this hard working family. I only know a few details, but they are doing it tougher than anyone should have to at Christmas time. I first hand know what it's like to feel hopeless, broken and ashamed at Christmas time. I know what it's like to be too embarrassed to say "I'm not ok, and I need a little help" during what's supposed to be the best time of the year. That's why I'm writing this post.

Here are a few ideas for those who might want to contribute something over the coming days-


- Gift cards for supermarkets

- Any food items to contribute to a festive Christmas hamper and meal


If you can contribute in other ways we would love to hear from you... we're open to ideas regarding anything that you believe will make every day living, and this festive season a little bit easier. Please don't hesitate to reach me via email, inbox, fb message, or text me for more information and to arrange a pick up/ drop off of your little ray of sunshine.

This drop off will take place on Friday the 21st of December.

No better way to say Happy Birthday Jesus than to give a little more than you get.