Citrus Ginger Beer Cocktails



There’s something defeatist and isolating about drinking straight vodka on a regular Tuesday night. I’m definitely not cool enough to get away with something like that, but some Tuesdays call for a little more kick than others. Cue Fever Tree Ginger Beer, and now we’re on to something…

Just add strawberries, lemon, lime and pomegranate - and we’re legit. Hawaiian shirt, boardies, sunnies and sand.  It’s almost like we’re on vacay but it’s a regular school night in Marrickville.

This must be that sweet life V keeps talking about.

Citrus Ginger Beer Cocktails

Fill a large mason jar 1/4 way with ice Add the following to the jar: 2 chopped strawberries 1 tbs pomegranate Juice and rind of  1/4 lime Juice and rind of 1/4 lemon Top with 1x 200ml bottle of Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer 2 shots of vodka Fill the rest of the way San Pellegrino Limonata

Mix and enjoy!