Cuts for a Cause


When I worked for The Journal Magazine I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented professionals in Australia and beyond. From hairdressers to makeup artists, photographers and PR specialists, everyday brought new people and experiences to my doorstep, and some of those times are amongst the greatest moments of my life. Though my time with the beauty publication came to an end, I kept in touch with a big handful of the wonderful people I met along the way.

Today I’m sharing this post, not to plug brands and products, or to sell you anything you don’t need, but to ask for your help with something that has struck me so deeply that not sharing this would have felt like a betrayal against my own conscience.

Since leaving the journal, my life changed completely. And it happened so quickly. My community lifted me during my darkest moments, and now it’s time for me to pay it forward.

Here’s the story…

Laurie Creasy and Jo Coles ran a marketing agency that worked very closely with the crew at M Division, the publishing house I worked for. Warm, friendly and passionate about what they do, these women had a knack for building relationships and getting the job done with finesse. About one month ago, I heard the devastating news that Jo’s life has changed forever.

The following is a call out written by my wonderful friend Laurie detailing the heartbreaking reasons why this fundraiser is taking place:

Salon Zephyr hosts fundraising event for The Coles Family  

Before re-locating to Adelaide in 2015, The Coles family lived in Concord West.  A then 5 year old Harley attended Strathfield North Primary School, Jax his younger brother a Possum Wombat at Explore & Develop Breakfast Point and then later their little sister Rio an appointed Bilby.  The kids played at Rhodes and Cabarita Park and loved sipping hot chocolates with whippy cream at cafes along Majors Bay Road.  Jo was a loyal client at The Skin Clinic and Adam a popular Bar Tender at Concord RSL, whilst working at Horizons Sporting Events.    

On Friday 31st May 2019, the lives of Jo and her three children Harley, Jax and Rio were totally obliterated.  Adam, Jo’s husband lost a mental health battle that ended with the loss of his life.  The affect is utter devastation, absolute turmoil and crushing sadness. There is no past tense. 

The shape of tomorrow is uncertain, turbulent and ever changing. It invokes angst and apprehension one day, guilt and gut wrenching sadness the next.  There is no band-aid to protect a wound that struggles to heal, and no rehabilitation plan to navigate a life that looks nothing like the one they once knew.   As friends we are desperate to carry some weight and alleviate some of the sadness, and yet the gutting realisation is that quite simply, the girl with the broken heart is the one her children call for, every single day. 

Our desperate wish to help Jo lands in two places, the first is love, and the second is time. The latter is our focus right now.  

On Sunday 21st July, Salon Zephyr will open its doors for the sole purpose of raising money to buy Jo some time.  Salon Owner Nathan Cherrington will host an Open Salon, inviting stylists who know Jo professionally and personally to give their time, to gain time for Jo.  The task of making a life without Adam, without Dad is inconceivable, but if as a community we can afford Jo some time to just be with her children, we can at the very least deliver on our pledge to support her for the long haul, starting with this opportunity to raise some funds.  

There are 80 appointments to fill.  Haircuts are set at $100 and all monies paid for services will be given directly to Jo. Please call your friends, call you family and book an appointment at the salon today.  

Salon Zephyr  

35 Majors Bay Road, Concord, NSW 2137.  

PH:  02 9743 3277

I’ll be coming through with cupcakes and a larger cake to raffle on the day, as well as book myself in for another awesome blow dry. The generosity of time and talent by the crew at Salon Zephyr is out of this world.

Please come, and if you can’t, tell your family, friends, your neighbours or just book an imaginary spot and donate what you can. Solo motherhood is no joke, especially when you’re left to independently mother three little human beings.

While this might be hard, with a loving supportive community - it’s possible.

If you’d like to help in other ways, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.