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There have been two times in my life that I’ve had my hair cut or coloured while traveling. The first time was a massive mistake and took more time to fix than I want to admit. The second time was in New York City, and it was so good, that I booked one year in advance to go back for a massive chop. (Cassie Harwood and Salon Ruggeri, I’m looking at you.) Because I can’t always be guaranteed an amazing salon experience while jet setting, I always make it a point to get my tresses tamed before hitting the road - plus it’s no secret that awesome hair can put a real spring in your step. This week, I needed a dose of that spring. Big time.

Getting ready for LA has been absolutely insane. Over the past 2 weeks, my days would go off in 20 different directions and before I knew it, midnight would be kicking my ass. I guess that’s a lot of the reason why I was looking forward to this hairdressing appointment so much. I was ready to feel refreshed. I was ready to sit in one place for 2 hours where I would do nothing but drink tea, have great chats, and chill the heck out.

Desmond and Molly Jones is a sweet hairdressing salon nestled in the heart of Surry Hills. There’s something about the space that had me feeling so comfortable. Maybe it had something to do with Mumford and Sons playing when I first walked in – or it could have been the beautiful natural light that touched my skin when I had the colour washed out of my hair. Either way, I always welcome relaxation with open arms. Colourist Melinda Green invited me to take a seat, and away we went.

With the educated opinion of colourist Melinda, I chose to go with rich, delicious berry tones. After we got our teeth stuck into some solid conversation, I moved over to the basin where Apprentice Ashley massaged away the week’s stresses. Meanwhile, Melinda made sure I was well set up for the 3 weeks of travel ahead by mixing up a bottle of evo’s Fabuloso Pro conditioner that was custom created, on the spot, to keep my colour looking as vibrant as the first day I coloured it.

It even smells edible. Like passion fruit. But I can’t eat it. And that makes me sad.

Next came the cut. I was treated by the co-owner of the salon, Leonard Newton. Down to earth and wonderfully welcoming, Leonard’s quirkiness and solid expertise makes it easy to see why he is one of evo’s key Creative Directors. Leonard is an artist – but not the silent ‘trust me’ type. This guy knows exactly how to communicate what he’s planning to do before putting steel to strands. Hands up if you’ve ever had a surprise at the salon after hearing, ‘trust me, babe.’

Leonard took no length off my hair, but somehow shaped it into something completely different to what I had when I walked into the salon. I could tell that my hair had his complete attention. And it showed when I came to leave.

I love my new locks. I love even more that I had an opportunity to relax for a while before hitting the road for LA. If you’re looking for a style revamp, or even just a little time out, Desmond & Molly Jones is definitely one for you to bookmark.

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 The PSS 20 with Leonard Newton Owner of Desmond & Molly Jones and Creative Director for evo hair

Guilty foodie pleasure… SINGLE MALT WHISKEY

All time Favourite city: NEW YORK CITY

Best meal you ever had abroad: PEOPLES RESTURAUNT SHANGHAI

Worst meal you ever had abroad: TRIVANDRUM CITY …STREET FOOD…(STOMACH UPSET)


Favourite local coffee house: REUBEN HILLS

The best advice you ever received: KEEP GOING!

Theme parks or wildlife parks? ALTON TOWERS ENGLAND

Your plane is taking off; you’re on your way to a month long vacation. What are you listening to? THE WALKING WHO

The three gadgets you can’t travel without: PHONE , COMPUTER, ALARM CLOCK

What do you wish you could take on every single trip? MY FAMILY

Your most luxurious travel experience in your life so far: BUSINESS CLASS TRAVEL ON A380

When I’m away from home, something I miss the most is… MY FAMILY'S LAUGHTER

Your Airline of choice: QANTAS

The most underrated city in the world: MANCHESTER

Best thing you ever purchased while traveling is…CANADIAN PARKER ARMY COAT (ALWAYS WANTED ONE)

You finally have a day off, what are the first three things you do to unwind? HAVE A SWIM, LEISURELY BREAKFAST READ THE LONDON SUNDAY TIMES.

The perfect weekend away includes…MY FAMILY

Your dream destination is…BUTAN

Your next trip is…JAPAN.

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