Dining in Transit - Movida at Sydney Domestic Airport

I love travelling more than most things in this life. I love just about everything about it -from saving, to researching, hotel hunting, even airports – yes, I love airports. I love getting to the airport earlier than I need to, so that I have enough time to have a coffee, and get “situated”… and by situated, I mean people watch. I love crafting little stories in my head about the lady in the navy blue suit, inventing stuff like where she’s going and why… (Naturally, she’s a businesswoman and she’s flying to Tokyo to secure a multi-million dollar contract…and her daughter is an immaculate singer so this contract will set her on the path to stardom)…

One thing I don’t love about traveling is airport food. This is mainly because I am not the biggest fan of food courts. I know this might make me a princess, but seriously, I hate eating off scummy plastic trays that have probably been sneezed on a million times (which is why I always try to opt for not using one at all). When I arrive at an airport a keen hour early, I like to start my hunt for that one place I can be seated, order off a menu, and actually enjoy the beginning of my travel experience. You should try it! Makes for an awesome start to the journey.

So most people know Movida as the famously delicious tapas and wine joint in Melbourne and for about a year Sydney too. Well they’ve set up camp at my usual stomping ground Sydney Domestic Airport and offer a light version of the full menu – including the killer churros. This little nook amongst the chaos of Sydney domestic T2 has fast become my pre flight chill zone. Especially for a great cup of Vittoria coffee, some tapas, and a little time to center myself pre takeoff.

This time, I ordered the chorizo stuffed potato Bomba, the Bocadillo de calamares - a palm sized calamari burger, and the Insalada Valenciana - a salad of palm hearts, orange and endives. Not the typical airport lunch, I know – but I’d rather spend the $30 here, than $18 on a sloppy burger with lack luster salads that have been sitting out for 7 hours.

The next time you’re heading to your airport, get there a little earlier, and quit being in such a hurry! You never know, you might actually appreciate the downtime.