Eat & Shop Mercato e Cucina

DSC_0677You may have noticed that Sydney has had a number of cafe slash bakery slash grocer slash butcher establishments crop up recently. In the spirit of my beloved Dean and Deluca and Wholefoods, there are now a few spots where brunch is begot and dinner can be designed. Smitten, I am.

Mercato e Cucina in Sydney's Gladesville is the latest of these foodie hotspots. I first noticed the makings of it one weekend quite a few months ago, driving down Victoria Road between regular wedding decorating jobs. Mercato e Cucina Opening Soon, it said. My Italian (it IS Italian, right?) is no good, but I was able to decipher the three very important and self explanatory words: Market and Kitchen. Every weekend since that fateful day, I kept my eyes peeled for open doors and prayed for a quiet weekend (wedding-wise) so that I might finally go in.

The opportunity finally came a fortnight ago, just before Valentine's Day. The Saturday afforded a 15 minute break. Just enough time to sample the most important products on offer: coffee and a (baked on premises) croissant. I entered with high hopes and left with even higher spirits. In fact, I took a sip as I left and exclaimed: Thank you, you wonderful people! I did. Out loud. On a busy road.

Sunday morning rolled round and sis and I went back for the full experience. Breakfast was light and luscious (and busy). Mine the pancakes, hers the truffle  eggs. The grocer was bustling and it really is the perfect place to pick up all manner of specialty goods for dinner.

A little part of that yearning, wannabe,  New Yorker in me was satisfied. Next on my hit list the strawberry brioche. I shall report back.

Visit Mercato e Cucina 297 Victoria Road Gladesville NSW 2111 Ph: 02 9817 3457