Empire State of Mind

Untitled-2Written & submitted byJacqueline Brasse Perth,Western Australia

I patiently waited behind the masses of tourists all eager to catch a glimpse of the concrete jungle. Dozens of school kids lined the limestone walls, pointing and gaping in amazement while couples posed for photos. Eventually, some of the people began to part from the ledge and I quickly moved in on the opportunity.

As I stared through the shield of protective glass, I saw New York staring right back. A sense of fulfillment immediately came over me and I found myself in awe like many of those who had stood here before me. I was lost at where to look first, my eyes jumping from building to building, my emotions captivated. The large structures seemed to stretch for miles until my eyes allowed me to see no further.

The clouds crowded the blue sky and the sun shone brightly causing a piercing glare to all that dare look. Down below I noticed the familiar yellow taxis clogging the busy New York City streets. The people that I now recognised as small specks of colour, continued with their hectic schedules oblivious to the Australian girl having a moment with their city atop one of the most famous structures in the world. It was as if the city and all its noise had shut down around me and Jay Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ played continuously in my head.

I lingered on this endless landscape a little longer before a small shove prompted me to turn around and notice a number of tourists waiting behind me, restless to find their own fulfillment. My brief encounter above the big apple had reached its mark. As I reluctantly stepped back from the barrier, I knew I would return again to get lost in the scenery from the Empire State Building.

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