Autumn Blooms at The Grounds



It wasn't until I reached my late 20's that I started to truly appreciate flowers and the art of floristry. (Read all about that here). After a breakfast of epic proportions with my sister Joss, Brother in law Bass, and little niece Lourdes, we continued to stroll around The Grounds to make sure we didn't miss anything new. Just in case great food, a lively atmosphere and perfect styling weren't enough, The Grounds of Alexandria have recently opened the doors to the newest instalment, The Potting Shed.

For as long as I've been visiting The Grounds, flowers have always been a big part of the vibrant offering. In fact there's always been a dedicated florist on site selling artfully arranged bouquets, and styling the many events that take place there on a daily basis. But the opening of this new night time spot has seen the flowers relocate to a space alongside The Potting Shed. During the day, The Potting Shed opens from 11:30am and unlike the main cafe, stays open through dinner time. The Potting Shed serves up cocktails, ciders, share plates and all sorts of bistro bites, all the things that I'm certain Kevin would enjoy to the last bite. (That basically means we'll be back very soon.)

So with full bellies and inspired hearts, we stepped in to take a peek at the gorgeously displayed flowers and house made jams at the entrance of The Potting Shed. Everything was so perfectly curated, it was almost like stepping onto a movie set in some faraway country place.












Visit The Potting Shed at The Grounds Building 2A, 2 Huntley St Alexandria, NSW

7 days Open from 11:30am till late