Forage Marrickville

IMG_2351Breakfast. My favourite meal to eat out. Mainly because I generally know exactly what I want, and it usually involves poached eggs on toast and a good cup of coffee.

Not last weekend.

I had a hankering for salt. Bacon, haloumi, maybe a little avocado... so there really was only one option: to visit a local cafe that would serve my husband lunch, and not judge me and my waistline for building a ridiculously decadent brunch. Which is why we hit up Forage on Marrickville Road. This is the place to visit when you want breakfast for lunch.  Especially if you don't want to deal with restrictions like the classic "oh sorry, we can't substitute anything on the menu, and no, we can't add feta to your dish."

Until recently, this hot spot was known to locals as Cafe New Deli. After winning The Best of Marrickville Business Award in 2012 with the Prize of a Makeover, owners Billy and Ken decided to completely rebrand their business and create a concept built especially for the Marrickville clientele.  Since the rebrand, we've visited a few times and no matter how tempted I am to deviate from my usual Sunday brunch order, I always manage to order my usual. This time I added grilled haloumi and bacon. I'm always hesitant ordering haloumi because in some cases it's impossibly salty and completely unenjoyable. But the haloumi served at Forage is fresh, thickly cut and lightly salted making it the perfect addition to a poached egg breakfast.

Kevin ordered the beef burger and that tied him up for a while. Mainly because of the size of the thing! He reported that the beef was juicy and lightly flavoured which gave the other ingredients room to shine - which is really what burger appreciation is all about! I took a few minutes to have a chat with Ken and asked him about the desserts in the cooler. While he told me all about the popular baked sour cream cheesecake with lemon curd, I caught sight of the pancakes as they left the kitchen and landed on another patrons table. In that moment, I decided that I'd be back soon with the girls of PSS, strictly to sample the sweet stuff.

Forage is open every day for breakfast and lunch until 4pm, and stays open till 11pm on Thursday to Saturday as a wine and tapas bar.

Visit Forage Marrickville 181 Marrickville Rd Marrickville NSW