Four Friends Coffee Chocolate & Tea


I’m all about life’s simple pleasures. The inexpensive ones. The sweet little moments that we all look forward to in our busy working day. The ones that take us back to a special time or place, or simply bring us back down to earth when things get a little crazy. I guess you could say that for me, a three dollar cup of coffee can sometimes work the same wonders of a three thousand dollar getaway. It’s no secret that I thrive on life’s simple pleasures, it’s the whole reason I created this blog… but at the risk of sounding clichéd, these simple pleasures are best when shared and that’s the whole reason why this little project is now backed by four.

When I heard about Four Friends, a little chocolatier and café in Crows Nest, I knew that I had to pay a little visit. Echoing much the same of what we do here at PSS, I knew that this would be a place I could connect with, especially after I read about the incredible and passionate founder and owner, Katze Ting.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Katze while enjoying an indulgent hot chocolate and high tea. Over about 2 hours, I got to know Katze and learnt more about what fuelled the concept of Four Friends. Katze shared with me that the name Four Friends comes from a Buddhist story about interdependence, where four creatures – a bird, a rabbit, a monkey and an elephant – work harmoniously together towards the benefit of all. The story reveals the idea that all creatures, big and small should act in love and respect for one another.

Katze’s life was thrown upside down when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune rheumatic disease. Traditional medication proved ineffective for Katze and her constant state of pain meant that she could no longer enjoy many things in life. Simply eating or even being able to hold and hug her young children became extremely challenging, and this wreaked havoc on Katze’s positive outlook on life.

Against all odds, Katze fell pregnant with her third son last year and the symptoms of the disease began to subside with her new found happiness and energy. With this positive energy came creation of Four Friends. Katze has always had a soft spot for the desserts and began teaching herself the art of chocolate making over 6 years ago. Selling her creations at the local markets in Crows Nest, Katze wanted to spread her joy and positive energy to others with a permanent shop front – she knew sweets were definitely a way to delight people, and to provide her clientele with a positive oasis away from life’s stresses.

I enjoyed the high tea platter that boasts a brilliant array of treats for all sweet curiosities. I was intrigued by the gorgeous presentation of the platter, that I later found out is an ode to the universe – colourful, strong, and inspiring. My favourite sweet indulgence was definitely the chocolate fondant. Warm and moist, this baked delight was rich but not too sweet making it the biggest stand out on the platter.

When I asked Katze about her recipes, she shared that her desserts are made from scratch with completely organic ingredients. Katze’s chocolate fondant was a standout from start to finish, with a perfectly gooey center, topped with fragrant edible rose petals. It’s the foodie experiences that are founded on stories of strength and perseverance that keep me grounded…  my weakness, or strength depending on how you look at it.

Visit Four Friends Coffee 5/29 Holtermann St, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Follow Four Friends on Facebook

A big thank you to Katze for hosting PSS, especially for the warm welcome and generosity!