From Bondi to Bellingen with Audi A1

DSC_0001 I've always thought of myself as a big city girl. At the risk of sounding like every other fan of Sex And The City, I really do love the buzz and fuss that comes with living in Sydney. If there’s one thing that stands out as a deeply rooted Project Sweet Stuff theme, its rest and relaxation. There’s nothing quite like a leaving the big bad city for a weekend that disconnects us from the stress and unnecessary noise of the big smoke. Where fresh water, green rainforests, sandy rivers and a really good coffee are only a stones throw away...

When I was invited to join an intimate group of food, travel and motoring enthusiasts for a 3-day getaway, it came at the most perfect time... I had just finished talking to my husband Kevin about needing a little ‘staycation’. To go some place far enough from home that I’ll feel disconnected from my day-to-day stresses, but close enough to just jump in a car drive myself to.


On a bright Thursday morning at a meeting place by Bondi Beach, I was handed the keys to a pretty little thing called the Audi A1 Sportback. After a quick breakfast catch-up at Porch and Parlour, I was on the road to Coffs Coast feeling fresh, liberated, and ready for a piece of the unknown. This zippy little Audi and I got to know each other really well on the road from Bondi to Bellingen. In fact, we became great mates and I knew that when the weekend came to an end, saying goodbye would hurt. (And it did. Real bad.)

En route to Bellingen, we stopped for a short rest and enjoyed what could be, the best packed lunch I have ever experienced. The Sydney Picnic Co looked after us with gorgeous artisan bread, perfectly roasted veggies, lovingly packaged cheeses, charcuterie, flat breads and brownies – the ultimate lunch for pickers like me.


After a 6 hour Journey, I arrived at my heavenly weekend sanctuary, Afterglow Cottages. I was welcomed into the most peaceful part of the world by the loveliest woman in Bellingen.  The warm and welcoming owner of the property Agnes Low, greeted me on arrival. I just knew this place would be something special. Agnes’ warmth and beautiful spirit was contagious – it was nearly impossible to feel stressed or anxious in her presence. An outdoor bath, and ceiling to floor glass wall by the shower could only have meant one thing; that I would spend the entire weekend reconnecting with Mother Nature...we had quite a bit of catching up to do. The sounds, sights and tastes – and this was just the cottage to bring me back down to beautiful earth, and make me do that thing I always put on the back burner - sleep!

Live the Sweet Life

Brunch at Porch and Parlour Bondi 17/ 110 Ramsgate Ave, Nth Bondi Beach NSW, 2026

Ride like a Boss Audi A1 Sportback

Picnic like it's nobodies business Sydney Picnic Co

Rest like Mother nature intended Afterglow Cottages 259 Kalang Road, Kalang NSW

Next week, come back to hear about how I ate my way through Bellingen and attempted to work it off at some of the countries most beautiful natural reserves. Happy Friday sweet seekers!

Viola of Project Sweet Stuff experienced the sweet life in Bellingen a guest of Coffs Coast Marketing and Audi Australia