Glamour Finishes at Faye Cahill Cake Design

While Mother Nature was too busy deciding if she was hot or Cold, Mav and I woke bright and early to spend our Sunday teaching a full class at Faye Cahill Cake Design, in Sydney. One of my favourite things about teaching cake decorating is that I get to spend a day with a group of like minded people, drinking coffee, while getting  giggly and creative. Mav and I were so fortunate to be joined by a group of enthusiastic women who had such great energy, and made the day feel like hanging out with the girls. The class was titled 'Glamour Finishes', a very popular class at Faye's simply because so many brilliant techniques are demonstrated. These were all executed brilliant by our sweet students- I were just thrilled by the great results of this class. When I meet people who are interested in cake design and decorating, I always say the same thing - take a class at Faye's. It is just so much more cost effective to learn in a professional environment and make great contacts while you're at it! -As opposed to making very expensive mistakes at home while trying to learn as much as you can from a youtube video (umm... yep, that may have been me). A thank you to the great girls that booked their place in this class. I hope you're all just as happy with your gorgeous results as I am!

So lovely readers, allow me to share with you the way I like to spend my weekends...


Have you ever taken a cooking or cake decorating class? Perhaps there something foodie you're still hoping to master? Leave a comment sharing your experiences! Happy Monday!