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I love burning candles. Not just for the scent and ambiance they create, but because there are certain fragrances that have the power to transport me to another time and place. I buy them all the time and quickly forget about the many pots that I already have on my bookshelf - there's no such thing as too much. The older I get, the more I find myself inclined to fall in love with candles scented with vanilla and warm spices like cinnamon and chai - my niece often says that the smell of my house reminds her of winter in Pittsburgh. And that’s precisely why I love to burn candles.

Grove & Barrow Candle Co is the brainchild of Kiki and Larissa, two New Yorkers who met in my hometown Sydney. Kiki and Larissa’s bond started with their love for New York City. The neighbourhoods of New York City have inspired each of the candles in their meticulously curated collection. I love the fact that the girls call them ‘melting pots’ – a perfect link to the progressive NYC culture. Each scent has been created with a purpose: to take you straight to the places they love, wherever you may be. Upon my return to Sydney, I think I already I know what I’ll be burning.

We caught up with Kiki and Larissa to chat all things NYC, and to get to know what scents inspired the candles of the grove & barrow Collection.

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Tell us about the connection with NYC: Larissa: I moved to the big apple as soon as I was able to, at the age of 18 from the good ol' New Jersey side. And until Sydney, my life was consumed with all things NYC.

Kiki: My family is from NYC, and I fell in love with it as soon as I learnt the subway system!

Why the move to Sydney? Larissa: initially wanderlust until I fell in love with a boy and this gorgeous country!

Kiki: a man brought me here! after a year of long distance love bw NY and Sydney, I bit the bullet and made the move. That was almost 2 years ago now.

10 things every New Yorker should do in Sydney are:

Coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi Bridge climb Taronga Zoo A snorkel in Gordon's Bay Cocktails at the Opera Bar A weekend in the Hunter Valley A sausage sizzle on election day Drinks at the MCA rooftop bar Sunday pub lunch A day at Manly

10 things every Aussie should do when in NYC are:

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge – classic. Eat, eat, eat, there are so many places to choose from! A night out on the Lower East Side or the Bowery. Shopping on 5th Ave is a must - we especially love Henri Bendell’s and Barney’s. A view from the top – Empire State, Top of the Rock or the Chrysler. Rooftop bars - 230 fifth or Le bain at the Standard hotel are our picks. Sing Karaoke in Midtown Hop on the train up to the DIA: Beacon, and take in some massive, beautiful art A play on Broadway Tea at the Ritz

What is it that you both miss the most about life in the Big Apple? The energy that the city breathes through you, and the feeling that you can accomplish anything. Having the world at your doorstep - or just a few blocks away.

Where do you go to experience a piece of home (NYC) in Sydney? Hinky Dinks in Darlinghurst is like walking into a grown up American milk bar! We love the novelty and the popcorn chicken! Our group of American girlfriends, especially the ones that used to live in NYC, we all share stories and talk about how the hustle is a little different here.

Take us through the product range – can you share a little story about each candle? We started with 5 scents, each one inspired by NYC and named after a much loved neighborhood. A few weeks ago, we launched our 6th scent, and are already experimenting with No. 7! Here they are...

Ansonia Sandalwood, green fir, coconut milk This one is our coziest scent, reminiscent of nights spent snowed in our apartments, with close friends. ansonia* Bowery Cedar, sea-salt, musk and fresh herbs Some of our best NY nights were spent out on the Bowery. This scent has the makings of a good adventure and an even better story, sweet and sexy.

bowery* Gramercy Wild mint, Persian lime and raw sugar Larissa lived in front of the park for a brief period of time and even had a key! - (it’s the only private park in the city) We also both have memories of sipping on amazing mojitos at the illustrious Gramercy Park Hotel. gramercy* Lenox Hill Gardenia and tobacco leaves We love walking in New York, especially on the Upper East Side, in springtime. Lenox Hill meets the outer edges of Central Park – touched by floral notes and the promise of summer.

lenox* Nolita Lavender, cucumber, rose, fresh sage Literally meaning North Of Little Italy, it’s a truly charming area made up of cobblestone streets (which can be difficult to navigate in heels) and lots of cute cafes. It’s also a popular area for first dates, so we’ve connected the sweetness and innocence of lavender, with the freshness of fruits and herbs.

nolita* Tribeca Wild fig, black currant, rosewood We both love this neighbourhood for its space. The streets are calmer and wider, filled with sprawling lofts we dream of living in. tribeca

Grove & Barrow candles are crafted with essential oil fragrances, 100% natural soy wax and hand-poured in Sydney, every candle is finished with a signature crackling-wood wick and re-usable preserving jar.

To experience your little bite of a Big Apple neighbourhood, visit

*Grove and Barrow are Parallel streets in the West Village Kiki and Larissa always get lost in.*