Harmony Retreat Day Spa Fiji


Welcome to Fiji, where locals slow things down so that the rest of the world can catch up.

I know I’m not alone when I ask where the heck did 2013 go? It felt like just yesterday I was organizing everything from stationary, computer files and folders to prepare for what seemed to be the year that would never end. Endless, caffeine-fuelled nights became the norm and every waking second was dedicated to efficiently completing as much study as possible in order to attain that one, life changing number…. the ATAR. The final year of high school can only be described using one word – stressful.

After a year of minimal sleep, bad food (McDonald's became a close family friend), and an unhealthy build up of stress and tension, the prospect of beginning the New Year in paradise posed to be nothing less than perfect.

I embarked on this journey to Fiji with one sole purpose – to achieve a state of pure relaxation. It was definitely not a coincidence that the resort I had booked for the week was home to one of the best day spas on the island! Raddison Blu’s Harmony Retreat Day Spa is located in the central most position of the resort and is nestled within the most beautiful tropical garden.

Upon my arrival, I am greeted with warm, humble smiles and the word that I have become ever so familiar with “BULA!” The Spa is decorated with delicate floral accents and candles, and the meditative music puts me in a trance almost as soon as I get there. I am promptly introduced to my masseuse who leads me outside, down a path of stepping-stones to private massage hut. The scent of locally crafted pineapple body oil fills every corner of the room and as I position myself comfortably on the massage table, I anticipate the promise of this highly regarded day spa; harmony. It is said that the mark of a good massage is to feel as though the masseuse’s hands never leave the body. So I get massaged at most once a month, so I’m no expert on the matter. What I can say, is that this woman had more than her fair share of strength and knew exactly how to balance it with gentle finesse. Raddison Blu’s Harmony Retreat and Spa is most definitely one for the PSS Fiji hit list.

Sweet life: found!

Visit Harmony Retreat Day Spa online www.radissonblu.com/resort-fiji/services/day-spa Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island Resort Drive 
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