Hashtag No Makeup

As I sit on the train scrolling through my Instagram feed, I let myself fall in love with the endless flat lays, makeup looks and product reviews which so many content creators have worked so hard on. With each stop, more and more young girls board the train for their journey to school and all I can think about is my high school days… prim and proper catholic school uniform, neat hair, and no makeup. I remember being extremely comfortable with the idea that makeup was for the weekends and never for school. Now I sit here writing this, thinking about my students, the ones I have taught, and the ones who I will one day teach ...and I feel like I need to shed some layers.

This beauty project of mine was not created to be an instruction manual promising that you will find your beauty at the bottom of a glass bottle or within the rows of a plastic colour palette. This project was never intended to feed the monster that keeps you believing that you're not beautiful without a hair and makeup kit.

This project is more than a full face of makeup and the idea that without it your beauty is invisible...well that's just plain bullshit.

I began this little project of mine to do one thing; to create, to inspire, and to encourage my audience to do what it is that you love. To eliminate the sense of threat or fear, and to ignore the prospect of judgement and do whatever it is that you feel will satisfy and serve your dreams.

I’ve always been passionate about makeup and the world of beauty. That passion is what I'm here to share. Not the idea that makeup makes you beautiful. And if you're still not convinced by the end of 2017, let's chat about it over a cheeseburger or two.