He Makes All Things New

It was this time last year when I found out that I was pregnant, on Maui, at the incredible Grand Wailea. I recall saying I didn't want to make a big fuss over his baptism. In fact, I made it a point that I would have him quickly baptised at the church that I grew up in, and not bother with a big party or reception… that I would have a simple brunch at home and cut a little cake for dessert. Then, life happened. I was suddenly single, pregnant, and everything I trusted fell to pieces. Xavier’s birth immediately forced me to recognise that I was being perfectly ridiculous about dismissing his baptism as an insignificant event. He brought me to witness the simple truths that have shifted my outlook on the things I used to fret over. I realised that these are the moments we live for, the celebratory occasions that mark unique changes in our lives. I realised that keeping his christening small meant excluding the people who have helped me pull myself out of the darkness and back into the light. I realised that God gave me the skill to create beautiful cakes for the moments we wish to mark, and my little one’s baptism was no exception.

So, on the 22nd of October, Xavier and I were joined by our family and friends to witness and celebrate his first sacrament as a tiny Christian. We celebrated this rite with Father Sam Wehbe at the St Raymond's parish at St Joseph The Worker Church in Auburn, with his Godparents Isabella and Christopher Sassine. My best friend Shayben of Siempre did his thing with his camera and captured the entire day like only he could. His fiancé Cristina took care of all the styling for our dinner at Grano later that evening, and once again blew my mind with her vision. My amazing cousin Mary and her talented twin Therese looked after my hair and makeup. Xavier wore a cute suit from Stelina Couture that unintentionally matched my Decjuba dress quite well!

I didn't expect to feel so emotional looking back at the photos the day after. My heart could have burst seeing his shining little face surrounded by the ones that love him most. I know the intense love I experience when I hold Xavier is real…the same way I know God’s love is real. He makes all things new, and Xavier’s baptism was one of those spiritual moments when I felt heaven speaking directly to my heart saying, “you’ve got this… we’re with you.”

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