I love you like XO


After all the Christmas shopping is done, and the food prep is complete, I always find the time to sneak away and have a little me time. I normally choose one day where I get my waxing, laser, and hair done, followed by a mani and pedi to get me through to the new year. I like having some time down time during the Christmas rush to make sure that I’m able to switch off and be present at such a special time.

This year O.P.I have released a line of colours that make it easy for you to fall in love again and again (with the nail colour, not the manicurist. Don’t be a creep). From sheer whites to deep blacks, this collection consists of the perfect hues to help get you through the Christmas season and into the New Year. The packaging is just as luxurious as the product, sticking to the theme of black and gold and making my inner Christmas elf as happy as can be.

Although it seems insignificant, there is something about choosing the perfect colour that makes me feel that little bit more put together, especially during the holidays.. After all, Christmas is about appreciating the little things, right?