Island Vintage Coffee Hawaii

One of the great things about travelling in a group is that the tentacles of discovery multiply. For example, before I even stepped foot on Hawaiian sands, my troops on the ground had already sourced the best coffee. My Brooklyn-living co-traveller Sophia had tried and tested a few cups by the time I arrived, and decided on Island Vintage Coffee as our source of caffeine for our stay. You know you're onto a good thing when hotel staffers exclaim 'there's an Island Vintage around here?!' You also know you're missing out on a good thing when they exclaim, 'how good are the acai bowls, right?!' I was asked that question a few times strolling along the beach with my Island Vintage Coffee take away cup - and promptly made my way back so that I could arm myself with an answer.

Blended acai fruit, with layers of granola, fresh banana, strawberries and organic Hawaii honey.  Perfectly fresh and light breakfast. Almost guilt-free midnight snack. It's what I am currently craving these warm weeks in the lead up to the holidays.

For some fresh food for thought on Hawaiian hump day, visit Island Vintage Coffee online to order your fix of organic granola and Kona coffee at