Junk Lounge Sydney


One of the things I love about living in Sydney is how easy it is to find a nice place to eat with pretty water views. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about being on the water that immediately puts me in a better place, kind of like a mini vacation. 

So when Junk Lounge invited me over to dine with a friend,  I said yes and spent the week counting down to the experience. I had no idea that this place existed, but boy I’m glad I do now. I asked my friend Daniel to join me and we were both so impressed. Here’s why...

Situated a floor above Sydney landmark bar and restaurant Cruise Bar, this spot serves up modern Asian bites, drinks and cocktails with a billion dollar view of our beloved harbour. On this occasion, we enjoyed the special 3 course menu on offer for the Lunar New Year. Available until the 10th of Feb 2019, this set of dishes is a vibrant celebration of vegetarian delights, without forgetting the sashimi lover and of course- the main feature Pork Katsu for the year that honours the pig.

We couldn’t help ourselves - even though we had three courses coming to our table, we went ahead and ordered two entrees from the regular dinner menu. Tuna seared to perfection and moorish mushroom buns had us eating in silence, doing the standard head nod... you know the one. It translates to: “we are coming back for this because we must eat this again very soon my goodness more please not coping....” without saying a single word.

The sashimi starter was generous, fresh, and so pretty to look at. I don’t usually eat tuna sashimi but I enjoyed it this time just as much as the salmon and king fish.

By the time the mains arrived, we weren’t exactly sure how we would get through the portions, but we tried our damndest anyway. I ordered the Pork Katsu. Golden and crispy, this was the first time I had ever had this dish served so beautifully. Sitting atop a generous mountain of noodles and vegetables tossed in a rich but mild curry, I found myself getting so full before I even hit the sides of the dish. 

Dessert was a quite the finale. Lychee panna cotta and a Tokyo cheesecake that had the fluffy texture of a soufflé, we barely made it through our dessert wines before tapping out.

When dining with a food loving male, there’s nothing better than knowing he’s leaving happy and full. Even better when he suggests coming back for his birthday!

If you love modern Asian eats with stunning views of the iconic Sydney harbour, you cannot miss Junk Lounge. It’s the perfect spot for that mid week date night, or perhaps that special event you’ve been  planning. 

Here are the pics that enticed me to visit.. 


The menu we experienced. Impressive price point for such generous, high quality dishes... 


Here are some snapshots I took during our visit... 




Plan your experience by starting here -cruisebar.com.au/junklounge/