At home with Le Pain Quotidien

Khobz. Banh mi. Pane. Bao. El Pan. Bread. I am one of your biggest fans. It follows that I am one of the biggest fans of you too, Le Pain Quotidien. You are my old and faithful. My dependable. It is a simple as the fact that warm and crusty bread gives me the warm and fuzzies.

For all the talk of discovering the new, I have strong feelings for the familiar. Particularly (or ironically?) when I am travelling, I like to know that just around the corner there is some risk-free deliciousness. Especially when it comes to breakfast, my most highly regarded meal.

So whenever I am in NYC Le Pain Quotidien is my favoured haunt. Fresh bread with irresistible spreads, boiled eggs, steel cut oats: solid, wholesome choices. And a decent skinny latte to boot.

I always feel at home in Le Pain, and when in Sydney, Le Pain always gives me that holiday feeling. So happy am I about the latest location, at the historic former police station at The Rocks, Sydney, that I have made three visits in the last fortnight. I will very likely be back. On Sunday. At opening time. Watch out for me.