The PSS 20 with Lilit Caradanian



When I started planning my Los Angeles travel itinerary, I had two big things on my agenda: eat all the food, meet all the people. Thanks to the power of social media, I had already bridged a few connections with some incredible people who inspired me from across the globe, like Lilit Caradanian. If you don't know her by her full name, then maybe Makeup By Lilit will ring a bell? Lilit is one of LA’s biggest names in makeup artistry and pens an Instagram account sitting pretty at over 700K fashion and beauty obsessed followers. We crossed paths over instagram last year after Wedded Wonderland shared a picture of our Watermelon Cake. Lilit, liked, commented, and followed – and the rest is history!

Well, not really history. And you can blame it on my relentless curiosity. I reached out to Lilit to find out if she would be interested in meeting up while I was passing through Los Angeles. Regularly contacted by Australian artists regarding her makeup school, I let her know that I was more interested in getting to know how she turned a side gig into a fully-fledged career with a creative team and school to boot. After a few emails, we locked in a meeting (that took place one hour after I arrived in LA) at her studio in Sherman Oaks. I thought I knew what to expect, having interviewed loads of beauty experts during my time editing The Journal. I was expecting to meet a professional, hard working, brilliant and creative woman who got stuff done like clock work. Lilit was all of the above, but I’ve got to be completely honest here… I genuinely was not expecting to meet someone so humble, intelligent, down to earth, funny and incredibly generous. Needless to say, I was completely blown away, and I wanted to put her in my suitcase and bring her home.

After our first meeting, we scheduled our second… third… fourth, and we realised that maybe our catch up sessions had little to do with work, and more to do with play. I decided that the best way to introduce you to this living doll, is by posting her responses to the PSS 20. With a common love of food and the sweet things in life, Lilit and I had much more in common than I had come to expect, and meeting Lilit made my time in LA so much sweeter.






The PSS 20 with Lilit Caradanian

Guilty foodie pleasure I have a weakness for sweets. Chocolate. Endless amounts of CHOCOLATE.

All time favourite city It is definitely between Boston & New York. Or MAYBE, live in Boston since it’s so close to NY? Quick visits :)

Best meal you ever had abroad Ugh. Far too many but if I HAD to pick, it would definitely be the Gyros & Fries in Belgium. Every. Day.

Worst meal you ever had abroad In Mykonos, the chef at our hotel prepared a nice dinner for us. I asked what each item I ate was because I don’t eat seafood. Evidently, when he described one of the items as “Eggroll”…he really meant a caviar filled puff. I cried.

Your fondest foodie memory The Khadaif in Santorini. I ate two servings every day for the five days I was there. I need to go back JUST for that!

Favourite local coffee house M Street Cafe in Sherman Oaks. They have a coffee called “Caramel Royal”…puts Starbucks lattes to shame.

The best advice you ever received "Don’t worry about anyone else, you do you!” As generic as it may sound, it applies to so many goals in my life.

Theme parks or wildlife parks? Theme parks! I worked for Disney for 4 years and got to go in for free anytime! Naturally, I know Disneyland like the back of my hand. Did you know theres a basketball court on top of the mattahorn? The only way they could build something so high by law was only if they had a sports arena. One of many fun facts Disneyland has.

Your plane is taking off; you’re on your way to a month long vacation. What are you listening to? John Legend! I always loved him, but after his concert last year, I am head over heels. He is SO amazing live. All of Me & Made to Love gets me emotional :*)

The three gadgets you can’t travel without Phone (I feel lost without it), My Sonic Toothbrush & Sony Nex camera to take pictures of everything during my travel.

What do you wish you could take with you on the road? My Boyfriend..deliberated if I should publicly announce that, but it’s safe to say, he’s the one ;)

Your most luxurious travel experience so far Greece! Santorini was beautiful but Mykonos? The most amazing place in the world in my book, so far. Bill & Coo Suites in Mykonos is a MUST stay. The service, the cleanliness and the food! The chef was number 1 in all of Mykonos for 3 years in a row.

When I’m away from home, something I miss the most is... Definitely my family. I am very close to my family. I can’t live a day without them & they can’t live a minute without me. Haha. I tell them all the time…”cut the cord!”…they just can’t do it.

Your Airline of choice American Airlines. Great service. Great flight experiences. Decent food. Also, each seat has it’s own tv with a list of movies and shows to chose from! If they don’t have a tv, you can rent an iPad for $20. Makes the trip feel less painful.

The most underrated city in the world Yerevan, Armenia. It is such a beautiful country! Unfortunately, not that many foreign visitors because - A. people do not know of Armenia B. It is generally a poor country, but the city has evolved tremendously.

Best thing you ever purchased while traveling is An adapter! I cannot use my computer, phone or camera otherwise! We are so attached to the electronic world.

You finally have a day off, what are the first three things you do to unwind? I hardly EVER have a day off. And even when I do, it’s usually the day to catch up on my social media, emails, blog posts and planning then next big step. However, IF I do have a day off, I’d ideally like to sleep in, read a good (inspirational/informative) book, watch a movie and hang out with my family or friends.

The perfect weekend away includes… Doing absolutely nothing. I feel like that never happens. And when it does, I just want to relax somewhere beautiful enjoy food, enjoy a nice view and spend some time with close ones.

Your dream destination is... Thailand. Thinking of maybe a destination Wedding there? Now, that would be a dream come true!

Your next trip is… Australia! I have only heard the most amazing things about this country. I will be traveling out there in the Spring to do some makeup seminars and courses, so keep your eyes peeled for the details. Can’t wait!


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