Lori's Diner San Francisco



On one of my first visits to San Francisco, I stayed in Union Square and walked past Lori's Diner on the daily. After spending days on end walking the city, I noticed that there were a few Lori's Diner locations. Being a massive fan of all things 50's, I told myself I should stop in for some nostalgic American diner fare. The week passed me by, and I never did get the opportunity. So on one of my last visits to San Francisco, I ducked in  with some friends to take a peek at the interior that I was so curious about, and I loved it.

We stayed for burgers, sodas and milkshakes and it was just like stepping onto a movie set. I would be lying if I said this is what eating in the US is all about. But you can't let the chance pass you by to experience an old school Californian diner, where clean eating takes a back seat in a red cadillac for an hour...or two if you go for dessert.

Spend some time today reminiscing on your journey into the heart of the sweet life. It just might inspire your next sweet discovery.

Happy Friday!


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