Marry the Music



There was something pretty unique about my sister's bridal party. So unique, that I had to post about it. On the day of the wedding, Kevin and I carried our DSLR camera, and when we could, we snapped as many photos as possible... there were so many good bits, but this was definitely a highlight. So bare with me while I explain a few things...

Jessica married my brother George's best friend, MrJayson. My brother George is DJ-GWizard. MrJayson is one of Sydney's premier urban MCs. MrJayson is best friends with Moses York, who is one part of the Sydney based duo Reckless in Gold. Moses York sang on a track produced by my brother, called Serotonin. Serotonin peaked at number 23 on Aria club chart, and reached #1 on UK "track it down" chart. So the Groom is an MC, and two of the groomsmen  are musicians. Now imagine this crew packed into a yellow school bus with the rest of the bridal party to celebrate a wedding. Magic.

I guess now you might understand why music was such a big part of the entire day. To make sure we were properly equipped, (and not subject to the music that came with the hire car) along with the rest of our survival kit, I brought along my JBL Flip 2 Speaker - my little red pocket rocket that packs a serious sound punch. We had about 3 hours between leaving the ceremony and our grand entrance into the reception, so naturally, drinks were flowing and the music was blaring - we all had our fun with connecting our iPhones to the JBL Flip-2 via blue tooth, so nobody missed out. The vibe of the night -  old school, Boyz 2 Men "motown philly". Classic.

After 3 hours of bridal party tom foolery, we ended up in our bridal suite where we continued our antics. The colours of the day were black, white and red, which is why Jayson picked out a suitable pair of Air Jordan Retro Camines to change into - oh, and a pair for his bride, of course! The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, emotional tear jerking speeches, and of course, incredible live sets by some of the cities best club DJS. What can I say - we were spoilt for choice!

IMG_8930 IMG_8923 IMG_8942 IMG_8957 IMG_8959 IMG_8968 IMG_8986 IMG_8998 IMG_9310 IMG_9313 IMG_9350 IMG_9359 IMG_9371 IMG_9434