Maternity Ward Beauty 


Are you like me, and save your favourite beauty and wellness products for special events and holidays? Well, if you’re packing a maternity bag, I say pull out all of your best stuff. You’re going to want that indulgence after you feel like you’ve been run over by a semi. There’s something quite rewarding funny about slapping on some hydrating under eye gels while you have a baby hanging off your boob at 5am. Here’s a snapshot of what came along with me, all of which got a decent run during my pregnancy and the first month of motherhood…

Bio Oil - I used this stuff on my belly from the end of my first trimester through till a month post birth. I swear it is the reason why I have not one stretch mark on my mid section. While the fragrance isn't my favourite part, the results are incredible. Major tick of approval for this product.

evo haircare - since my days at The Journal, evo has been my staple, go-to haircare brand. I love the simplicity of the product, the way it makes my hair feel, and the branding is hilarious. These travel minis are perfect for short stays.

Purity by Philosophy - One of my favourite cleansers since I first tried it in the states 3 years ago. It's gentle, effective and perfect for every day use. I use it to remove makeup as well as a little refresh during the day... you need these often when you've just had a baby.

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Serum and Lotion - This duo were amazing toward the end of my pregnancy when my skin felt a little more oily than usual, and also after it went totally dry during breast feeding. It's rich, but not too heavy for morning application.

Arbonne Hydrating Body Lotion and Firming Body Cream - After 9 months of your body being stretched out like a rubber band, I highly suggest investing in products that are designed to help your skin bounce back to healthy and toned. Loved using the firming body cream on the areas that felt a bit softer than I remembered them to be.

La Biosthetique Patch Gel Liftant - Ok everyone needs these in their life. This is another product I fell in love with during my time at The Journal. I've used them during flights, while watching movies on the lounge, and during breast feeding sessions at stupid o'clock. They're cooling. plumping, and revitalising for the eye area after being awake for 21 hours straight.