Meet Chloe


IMG_9895 Girls trip. India.

Hang on, really? What about the white sand beaches, cocktails, retail therapy and partying until you can’t feel your toes in your high heels? Not this time. I’m stripping it back, going minimal and leaving the indulgent life behind.

Moving to Sydney five years ago from New Zealand was an adventure in itself. I bought a one-way ticket, moved to a city where I had only one friend, and spent my time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life after university. I was in the deep end. After numerous jobs (shoe shop, pub, dog walker, nanny, and jewellery store) I landed the best job in travel PR.

When change comes into your life, it forces you reassess where you are and where you want to be. Well, change recently came into my life and it hit me big time! I realised at that moment I was in much need of some adventure- that’s not to say that my life was boring or not exciting. I was looking for a challenge, something that was going to stretch me and take me further than I have ever wondered.

It was like the stars had aligned. Without drawing too much Eat Pray Love cliché into the mix, three of my close friends and I were all in search of a spiritual journey. I’ll refer to them as my Gypsettes (gypsy jet-setters!).

Gypset –n. an unconventional, bohemian approach to life.

            -adj. characterised by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease

Have we imagined ourselves riding camels through the desert like the ladies in Sex and the City? Of course! Is that the kind of trip we’re taking? Not quite. I have packed my Malarial pills, Travelan (just in case I get traveller’s belly), and Hydralyte. Not to mention the most unflattering clothes I own making sure I stay cool but have my shoulders and knees covered. Oh to be gliding through the desert in a Camilla kaftan!

One of the Gypsettes has dreamt of going to India to follow in the footsteps of her idol Steve McCurry. Another Gypsette has bought a one-way ticket and plans to spend a few months in India writing stories and saving the world. India for me is completely unknown. I’ll be honest and say there has been no real desire to go there, ever.

But there was a whisper, a tiny voice telling me I had to GO! Take up this opportunity to travel somewhere different. Have I worked out the reason why? Not yet.

So, for my debut post on Project Sweet Stuff I invite you to join me on my journey while I discover my purpose on going to India. I know it will be one of challenge, exploration and awakening as I throw myself into an unfamiliar world. There will be a lot of eating and praying and an imitating how glamorous Carrie looked as she walked through the desert markets in her full-length skirt and Dior tee!

India may be the best and worst place I’ll ever go.