My Big Fat Greek Obsession

Most Sunday mornings, I wake up with a vicious mental to-do list flashing before my eyes. This list usually kicks off with a quick take out coffee, morphs into catching up with the family, and ends with fruit and veg shopping for the week ahead, in other words, nothing actually gets done. Yesterday morning was no exception - except that my mental to-do list was beyond vicious. With the busiest time of my professional life fast approaching, I knew that it could have been one of the last Sundays in a while to pick up a few delicious yummies, and head over to see the folks. I called Jess, my young sister to see what she wanted me to bring over. Olive bread from Sonoma is always a must, but as far as something sweet, her request was simple: 'just bring something amazing'. Easy.

Athena's Cake Shop

412 Illawarra  Road, Marrickville

This little bakery is a bit of a gem in the Marrickville neighbourhood. I discovered these amazing little pastries after having a big old chat with some close friends, and they suggested I check it out. It quickly became my 'go to' for lovely savoury pies, and my all time Greek dessert favourite, Bougatsa. Athena also boasts a selection of full cakes, macarons, ice-cream, and Sonoma bread availiable for purchase. If you ever find yourself in Sydney's inner west and get a hankering for a bit of Greek deliciousness, think of this post, and go right to Athena!

Do you have a 'go-to' for sweets breads and pastries? Leave a comment with a web link to your local favourites and share the love!