Panella - Art of Bread - Rome Italy

photo[10] Panella is a well known bakery in Roma Italia. Opened in 1929, this fiery hot spot produces delicious cakes, breads, pizzas daily and offers traditional style, but excellent coffee - sorry soy drinkers, none of that here!

I sampled a chocolate croissant for breakfast with a rich shot of espresso. My taste buds danced  with delight (while my hips screamed with terror). The place was bustling with locals and tourists eager to start their day with a cappuccino and a tasty pastry. By 9am, it was absolute mayhem while the establishment rolled out tray after tray of freshly made delights for sweet-toothed locals.

On display in the bakery window are sculptures of the colosseum and other Italian landmarks made of bread... there's no escaping the carbs in Italy!

Panella is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is known for offering a lovely selection of wines and cocktails accompanied by fresh bite-sized savoury treats. Top it off with outdoor seating  in a beautiful courtyard, and it's a wrap! Located a few blocks away from Santa Maria Maggiore, this bakery is a gem amongst jewels, and should definitely make the PSS Rome Hit List.

P.S. I have put on 1 kg and counting!



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