Pub Grubbin' at KX HOTEL SYDNEY



Sydney is such an awesome place to play tour guide. A least three times a year, Kevin and I find ourselves introducing our fair city to friends and family from out of town.  I remember as an 18 year old, one of the first things that so many of our visitors would mention is visiting Kings Cross - Sydney's infamous red light district. It was clear - a trip to Sydney would be incomplete without a big saturday night out that ended up The Cross. These days, especially being that we're not massively into the club scene, we seldom find ourselves in the neighbourhood. Apart from the fact that our dentist is there, most of this life happens in the Inner West. But if there's one thing that I can convince Kevin to venture out for, its a good pub meal.

Realising once again, that the famous red light district is home to some of Sydney's best eats,  team PSS met at the Kings Cross Hotel for a Sunday meal that kept us satisfied until breakfast the next day. We started off with the crowd pleasers - chicken wings, salt and pepper calamari and a killer green bean salad topped generously with creamy feta and almonds. Without the shadow of a doubt, the beans and calamari won my heart, and would have been a sufficient Sunday lunch for me - not a typical match, I know, but oh so lemony and scrumptious! We ordered a few mains to share including the eye filet steak, and atlantic salmon. But looking back on the experience, it was the big boys dishes that left a lasting impression; the popular buttermilk chicken burger and KX cheese burger. Fried to crispy southern perfection, the buttermilk chicken burger packed a flavour punch that I'm still dreaming about; sweet, savoury, crunchy and fresh. That's not to say that the cheese burger wasn't one to remember - classic flavours on a perfect bun, big enough to cut and sample - perfect for the share table experience.

Without the bright lights and noise of a saturday night on William Street, The KX hotel proved to be quite the Sunday afternoon chill out spot. With a menu to cater to pub grub lovers and a relaxed atmosphere to suit, this one will stay on our radar for a long time to come.








Buttermilk chicken wings, franks red sauce

Salt & pepper calamari, lemon, romesco

Green beans, feta, almonds $9


KX cheese burger, pickles, ketchup, mustard $17

Buttermilk chicken burger, swiss, bacon, pineapple, thousand island $17

Eye fillet, mash, chilli & garlic spinach, pepper sauce (gf*)


Crispy skin salmon, lemon mash, artichoke, parsley salad (gf) $22


Visit KX Hotel 244-248 William Street Kings Cross, NSW (02) 9331 9900

FRI - SAT : Noon till 3am SUN - THURS : Noon till 1am