Returning to Hawaii

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Xavier has never been overseas, but he's already been to Hawaii. Sure, he was the size of a sesame seed and was living in my belly, but that still counts in my foodie opinion.

Today is monumental for me. I am about to share one of the things I love most with my son, and that is traveling. Preparing and packing for this short trip was intense... it's nothing like traveling with another adult and most definitely nothing like going solo. When there's a baby involved, you basically need to pack everything but the kitchen sink... just in case. Best part about this being our first vacation is that Hawaii is more than familiar to me, plus there's something spiritual and sentimental about this place...

It was in October of 2015 that I had a fluttery nervous feeling in my belly while I sat on the balcony of my Rainbow Tower hotel room. I felt different and it was unlike anything I had ever felt before, but I put it down to jet lag...that was until I had a serious hankering for potato chips. (I never ever feel like potato chips)... my suspicion grew but I didn't make it a point to take a test until the day I was leaving Waikiki and heading to Maui.

9 months later, my Hawaiian sesame seed baby was born and while I thought I knew what love was, I've never been in love like this before.

This time I'm focussing on experiencing a familiar destination through the bright eyes of my little boy. I'm opening my heart to allowing things to come full circle and letting go of the things that weigh me down. This week, I'm letting the tropical rain and sun wash away what no longer serves me.

Aloha, and Mahalo.


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