Ribs & Burgers


I recently decided to admit to myself that burgers are in my top three favourite foods. My thinking has always been as follows:

My all time favourite things to eat are fresh seasonal salads and well prepared proteins. My second favourite thing is bread. I especially love it when fresh seasonal salads and well prepared proteins are between two pieces of bread.

See where I'm going with this?

So Kevin and I were recently invited to a delicious lunch at Ribs & Burgers here in Sydney. In all honesty, I wasn't too sure what to expect. I did know that there were a few various locations, but I had never ventured into one. We went to the restaurant closest to where we live, Central Park in the city. The interior has a classic feel of an old school American steakhouse. The vibe is casual and informal with ordering at the register. Dining with Kevin naturally meant that he would be ordering the baby back pork ribs ($28). That was fine by me, because the cheeseburger on the menu board was talking to my heart ($12.50). We ordered shakes and a side of fries and waited patiently for Sunday lunch to be served.

Before long, my pretty burger hit the table along with a side of fries ($4) - this burger had some size to it and I knew Kevin would have no issues helping me out. There's nothing I love more than a classic cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup. But what made it for me was the signature pink BBQ sauce- it took me back to our road side diner stops in the states. Another plus, it wasn't a crazy messy burger to eat, and held together really well.

While I was having a moment with my burger, Kevin cut into his big serving of barbecue pork ribs. Not much of a talker at the table, I could tell by his silence that I needed to try them too. I'm glad I did because they were delicious. Kevin opted for a side of fresh zesty cabbage salad (not the sweet and creamy kind) and we both loved it because it cut through the smokey flavour of the ribs and gave what would be a heavy meal a fresh lift.

Now let me tell you about the shakes... I ordered the Milo shake because I was in love with the stuff as a kid and haven't had it in years. Kevin went for a classic malt flavour; it had the sweetness of vanilla icecream. While I didn't get through the whole serving, it was a very welcomed flavour when I had enough of my burger. It was essentially my dessert! So thick, I could have enjoyed it with a spoon!




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Kevin and Viola of Project Sweet Stuff dined as guests of Ribs & Burgers