Recipe Road Test: Laucke Specialty Scone Mix



Confession: I have never been against the idea of using boxed cake mix.

Now while I don't use premixes often, sometimes I find myself in the baking isle of the grocer just browsing to see what's new. A few weeks ago, I found this box of Specialty Scone Mix by Laucke. I suddenly realised that I had been craving scones for far too long and that the best way to kill the craving would be to give this mix a little road test. And I'm glad I did.

The method was as easy as a boxed mix could be! All I needed to do was beat water into the premix using my KitchenAid for three minutes. After letting the dough rest as per the instructions, I used a round cookie cutter to shape the scones. They baked fluffy and golden and were still good the next day...this was a welcomed bonus as my home made scones usually turn to card board by day two.

The Laucke Scone Mix comes with 2x 500gram bags that yield about 10 large scones per bag. Some for now, some for later... perfect!

Price: $5.15 at Woolworths

IMG_2468 IMG_2476