Runcible Spoon Cafe Camperdown


This week, I set out some time to catch up with a good friend of mine Sid, who also happens to be one of the most awesome artists I know. We met in his neighbourhood at a great spot called Runcible Spoon Cafe in Sydney's Camperdown. I wasn't feeling particularly hungry and wasn't entirely sure I needed anything other than a coffee. But when it was time to order, Sid told me that he buys one of their house baked muffins every single day. Then I saw the muffins.

At this point, I needed no more convincing. Our coffee catch up turned into a coffee and muffin catch up, and I'm so glad it did. One of the daily baked muffins on offer was fig and pistachio. Fluffy and moist, this giant chunk of house baked deliciousness made for the best accompaniment to a creative brain storm...and I'm glad I packed the camera. The industrial cool set up of this cafe made me wish I lived in one of the apartments above it.

Visit Runcible Spoon Camperdown 27 Barr St Camperdown